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Tyreak Edwards is a professional photographer and passionate artist from Queens, New York. His love for photography started over 5 years ago, while his love for all things art has been a staple since a young age.


Tyreak views art as a medium to communicate and illustrate thoughts, ideas, emotions, stories, and atmosphere. From drawing fantastical characters and worlds, to capturing fantastical moments and memories, he’s always striving to communicate to the world through unique perspectives. 


His inspirations include animals, architecture, landscape, nature, colors, language. Life, most of all, inspires him, to portray the normally mundane or overlooked aspect of life in a different light. To make sense of the world around us, and hopefully invoke a feeling or thought in those that view his work. Tyreak is always striving to communicate to people through his art, from drawing to even composing music in his free time. 


He believes everything and everyone in life has a story that can be told, and he’s motivated to help share it

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